Hormones Explain Why Girls Like Dolls & Boys Like Trucks

Even when offered the choice of playing with either a doll or a toy truck, girls will typically pick the doll and boys will opt for the truck. This isn’t just because society encourages girls to be nurturing and boys to be active, as people once thought. In experiments, male adolescent monkeys also prefer to […]

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Why Girls and Boys Play Differently

As parents, we do our best to open the different possibilities for our children. We stock our baby’s shelves with all kinds of toys, from baby dolls to tractors and everything in between (read: gender neutral). So why is it that our little princess always reaches for the dressed-up dollies, and our young firefighter pulls […]

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HERS; Why Boys Don’t Play With Dolls

It’s the millennium and boys still like trucks and girls still like dolls. We are told that the source of these robust preferences must lie outside society — in prenatal hormonal influences, brain chemistry, genes — and that feminism has reached its natural limits. What else could possibly explain the love of preschool girls for […]

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Where Are the American Boy Dolls?

An 8-year-old boy asked his mother: “Where are the American Boy dolls?” while they were at the sprawling American Girl Place store in Chicago, that mecca for big and little girls. They had just finished walking through the historical dolls gallery, after first looking at the dizzying array of dolls that could be made to […]

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