The Evolution of the Doll

Dolls have been in existence since prehistoric times. Back then, dolls were made of easily obtainable materials like clay and wood. Dolls were found to be treasured in the high cultures of Egypt, Greece, and Rome. Some dolls were also made to resemble gods and goddesses of ancient religions.

Since then, dolls have come a long way. Primitive components such as clay and wood gave way to other more conventional materials like wax, plastic and various types of fabric. Dolls became known worldwide as a popular choice for young girls. This kind of toy is also among the most sought-after items by dedicated collectors. Continue reading


LorettaRose LLC, Toy Company to Release New My Pal For Giving Thanks Boy Dolls

LorettaRose , LLC is offering 18 inch boy dolls themed on giving thanks under its My Pal®line. The creation of such doll was inspired by the challenges that New Jersey residents went through during Hurricane Sandy. It serves to teach children to appreciate their blessings and be more grateful to people who support them in times of need.

The 18 inch boy doll for giving thanks comes with straight brown hair, brown eyes, medium skin and a soft body with adjustable plastic arms, legs and heads. He is dressed in blue jeans, t-shirt, socks and red sneakers. Colors and prints may vary depending on fabric availability. The fabric is printed with the abc’s of thoughtful ways to guide children in their interaction with others. For example, A is for “Act kindly”, B is for “Be Honest”and C is for “Count your blessings”.

Purchase the Little Zoroastrian in 18 Inch Doll Clothes and Help ZAGNY

LorettaRose, LLC toy company recently made a special My Pal® Zoroastrian doll dressed in 18 inch doll clothes, every purchase of which will yield a $5 donation to the Zoroastrian Association of Greater New York (ZAGNY). The toy company LorettaRose, LLC specifically made this for young Zoroastrians with the very intent of furthering the children’s religious education.

Zoroastrianism is an ancient monotheistic religion of Persian origin, believed to be the oldest revealed, as it was founded 3500 years ago. Its concepts of God, judgment, and heaven and hell, are said to have likely influenced major religions in the world.

Letting Dolls Teach Kids How to Hold a Spoon

Dolls are a playtime staple for little boys and girls. These toys, however, can play a more active role for your kids besides sitting in tea parties or fighting imaginary bad guys. Here are three basic skills that children can learn through playing with dolls:


Children can learn how to feed themselves by first trying out each step on their dolls. They can practice how to hold a spoon carefully to their doll’s mouth, how to use cups and mugs, and how to take food from bowls or plates, all without making a huge mess which can happen if they immediately try it on their own using real food. Continue reading