For Boys and Girls: Benefits of Playing with Dolls

Dolls are often considered as toys that are only meant for girls, however, children of both genders can actually benefit from having some fun playtime with dolls. This is because dolls can teach a lot to children, values and lessons that would greatly help them as they grow up. Here are some of them: Continue reading


Raising a Child with Autism

Raising a child with autism can be daunting for parents. It can be just as hard or even worse, however, for the child’s siblings. Most of the time, the “typical” siblings deal with gaining their parents’ attention, which they sometimes perceive as unfair. Some feel embarrassed about discussing having a brother or sister with autism with their peers. Continue reading

Things to Remember About Collecting Dolls

Your first doll may have been given as a Christmas present. A few months later, you find yourself with another pretty doll you bought from an antique store. Before you know it, you already have 10 special dolls in your possession, and you’re becoming aware that you’re starting a doll collection. However, like any collection, acquiring dolls takes a lot of dedication. Continue reading

Facts about Play Therapy for Autism

Autism isn’t just a single condition—in fact, it can be one of five complex disorders of the brain that typically affects a person’s behavior, as well as his socio-communication skills. Many psychologists believe that an efficient way to handle autism among children is a process called “play therapy”. Continue reading