An Unfinished Puzzle: Autism in the U.S.

Autism is one of the most prevalent, yet least understood, developmental disabilities in the U.S. As of March 2014, the incidence of autism in the country has increased by 30 percent; it now affects 1 in 88 children according to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Despite this sense of urgency, experts are still at a loss on how to diagnose this disorder, let alone how to treat it completely.

One of the main impediments is the fact that the body of knowledge for autism is still in its infancy. A few decades ago, autism was simply identified as an intellectual disability. Yet as the CDC found out, a large number of children with autism possess above average IQ. Autism was also thought of as a permanent disability, but some people who were diagnosed with autism in their childhood eventually “matured” as they got older, exhibiting only minor symptoms like the lack of social skills.

While there is still much to discover about autism, experts agree that early diagnosis and intervention are essential to an autistic child’s development. Autism can be diagnosed in children as young as two years old, and they can benefit from therapies that improve their language, play, and motor skills. Therapy also needs to be tailored to a child’s specific needs and may involve certain toys, like an American boy doll.

Dolls for Boys and Girls—Support for Siblings of Disabled Children

If your disabled child has siblings, you may find that one or the other may handle the family dynamics better and adjust well more than the other who may need some support. As their parent, you’re the best judge of which of your children needs that extra support. Talk to a child psychologist or counsellor on how you can help your children adjust properly. Take note that for boys, 18 inch boy dolls are also available for therapeutic relief, as are the dolls for girls.

An 18 inch doll to Foster Better Relations with Disabled Sibling.

In many situations, it is often not the child with disability that needs to be educated, but the people around him. If your disabled child has brothers or sisters, one of the best ways to make your other children understand and be more receptive to their sibling’s plight is to have them care for an 18” doll.

For Autism, More Love Than Before

The search for a cure to any disorder is often an arduous path. Coping with a disorder with no known cure presents various challenges in itself.

Autism puts the family of the afflicted child to the ultimate test. It’s hard to picture it if you’re not at the receiving end of this disorder, but the challenges of coping with a special needs child (SNC) is all too real. Parents wish they could do something to take away their child’s suffering, but even medicine is generally helpless against this mysterious disorder. Continue reading