Enjoy the Major League Playoffs with My Pal for Baseball Boy Dolls

October is here, and it means only one thing: Major League Baseball playoffs! Fans all over the country will once again go crazy for their favorite teams and players as they battle it out on the pitch, making this the perfect time for children to follow all the action with their very own My Pal for Baseball boy dolls.

My Pal for Baseball is a playmate for children who have a budding passion for baseball. The dolls come with booklets that make play time an educational moment about the sport. The booklets contain informative facts such as the parts of a baseball field, player positions, and other trivia about the major league teams. In addition, they include space for kids to write about their love for baseball, whether playing it with friends, watching it with their family, or collecting cards that depict their baseball heroes.

Why Little Boys Should Play with Dolls

Girls should play with dolls and boys should play with trucks. This belief is common enough that toy aisles in many stores are deeply segregated into items which are either for girls or for boys only. However, an increasing number of parents are letting their male children play with dolls as they realize the great benefits that the activity can impart on their growing man.

Dolls can help boys cultivate their nurturing side, which is often stifled due to gender stereotypes that discourage “feminine” tendencies in boys. Learning to take care of their dolls can translate into real-life situations such as watching out for their siblings and friends, or even being caring towards their pets and possessions. Continue reading

Hello, Fall! 18-Inch Doll Clothes Now Include Flannel Print Slippers

Every My Sibling Doll comes with a mission: to teach children about being compassionate to others who are developing differently than they do, and to make the seeds of acceptance and understanding flourish through the stories that accompany each doll. One of the ways in which this message is expressed is through the various themes tied with the figures’ handmade 18-inch doll clothes, ideas that include patriotism, peacemaking, sportsmanship, and thankfulness.

Another great thing that My Sibling Dolls gives children is the encouragement to use their imaginations by telling their own stories and creating personalities for their dolls. Mixing and matching doll clothes is a great way for kids to make their dolls a true personal companion. With the changing of the season, children are now starting to greet autumn by getting new outfits perfect for these cooler temperatures.

Not Only For Girls: Dolls also Benefit boys

Long regarded as toys for girls, dolls made for male children can be hard to find. This can be exasperating for parents who want to expose their children to various toys for entertainment and education purposes, and may also impart negative connotations to boys about what they can’t and can play with.

Playing with dolls can be hugely beneficial when it comes to child development. Parents and guardians can use them to talk to kids about difficult issues such as sibling rivalry, illness, and other matters that children may not be able to deal with directly. Dolls can also be used as teaching tools when it comes to subjects such as caring for other people, sharing, and being gentle and careful when it comes to one’s possessions. Continue reading