Gender Divide with Toys a Thing of the Past

In recent years, more and more people have become open to the idea that boys can play with dolls, and girls can also have fun with more rugged toys like trucks and plastic shovels. While in the past there was a gender divide when it came to the types of toys, the continued insistence of consumers, parents in particular, to remove this has led to many companies to make products a little differently. Continue reading

Things to Remember About Collecting Dolls

Your first doll may have been given as a Christmas present. A few months later, you find yourself with another pretty doll you bought from an antique store. Before you know it, you already have 10 special dolls in your possession, and you’re becoming aware that you’re starting a doll collection. However, like any collection, acquiring dolls takes a lot of dedication. Continue reading

LorettaRose, LLC Toy Company Releases My Pal® for Tennis Boy Dolls

West Caldwell, New Jersey (July 29, 2014) – My Pal® dolls, a LorettaRose, LLC toy brand, recently came out with the My Pal® for Tennis boy dolls that feature a racket and sporting outfit suitable for playing tennis. The sporty 18 inch line of dolls have soft bodies with pose-able plastic head, arms, and legs perfectly designed to showcase the phenomenal global sport.

The My Pal® for Tennis American boy doll-line comes in brown or blonde rooted hair, brown eyes, and light-colored skin tone. Parents and children can choose between a set of white or navy blue shorts and t-shirt for the dolls that come with both white socks and sneakers. The tennis racquet included with the toys, however, are for display purposes only and are not designed to function as actual tennis racquets do.

Toy Company Launches Summer Stripes Extravaganza for 18 Inch Dolls

West Caldwell, New Jersey (July 29, 2014) – My Sibling Dolls, a LorettaRose, LLC toy company, has recently launched a set of fashionable 18 inch doll clothes in time for a fun and memorable summer season. The Summer Stripes Extravaganza is an exquisite line of doll clothing that has been designed to showcase summer fashion and, at the same time, make it easier for children to dress their boy dolls.

The Summer Stripes Extravaganza clothing line showcases various cotton shorts with elastic waistbands, options of short sleeve knit shirt with “Velcro-like” back closure, and a rich choice of colors and prints to cater to children’s diverse taste in playthings. With 18 inch dolls rare in the market, especially boy dolls, toy enthusiasts, children, and parents of kids with special needs welcome the introduction of My Sibling Dolls’ latest toy clothing line.