What happened to Rey?

Hasbro has recently been called to task for excluding Rey from a special Star Wars: The Force Awakens edition of Monopoly. Nolan Rampy uses this exclusion as a jumping off point for examining gender stereotypes and toys. Rampy’s article includes interviews with John Marcotte, founder of the nonprofit Heroic Girls, and The Mary Sue contributor Laura Stoltzfus-Brown regarding the exclusion of women characters like Rey and the Marvel universe’s Black Widow.

The article also includes a brief history of gendered toy marketing from the 1960 and 70s to the present. During the 70s advertising towards children was tightly regulated and toys were largely gender-neutral. These regulations were struck down in the 1980s, which had a particularly strong impact on television advertising to children. In addition to this history Rampy explores gendered marketing by Disney. Rampy concludes by arguing that changes in marketing occur in response to consumer buying patterns.

Read the full article here http://socialistworker.org/2016/02/08/what-happened-to-rey


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