The Evolution of the Doll

Dolls have been in existence since prehistoric times. Back then, dolls were made of easily obtainable materials like clay and wood. Dolls were found to be treasured in the high cultures of Egypt, Greece, and Rome. Some dolls were also made to resemble gods and goddesses of ancient religions.

Since then, dolls have come a long way. Primitive components such as clay and wood gave way to other more conventional materials like wax, plastic and various types of fabric. Dolls became known worldwide as a popular choice for young girls. This kind of toy is also among the most sought-after items by dedicated collectors.

However, dolls are seemingly marketed exclusively to the female population. Major doll manufacturers rarely make dolls specifically targeted to boys. Since dolls have been discovered by numerous studies as an ideal outlet for developing essential skills in the early years of childhood, it has a plethora of positive psychological effects useful for therapy.

At present, doll makers who recognize that there is an apparent lack of dolls for boys are taking action. An example would be the environmentally friendly 18-inch boy dolls designed to raise autism awareness among youngsters. These dolls come with theme booklets that promote good values and learning for both boys and girls.


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