Letting Dolls Teach Kids How to Hold a Spoon

Dolls are a playtime staple for little boys and girls. These toys, however, can play a more active role for your kids besides sitting in tea parties or fighting imaginary bad guys. Here are three basic skills that children can learn through playing with dolls:


Children can learn how to feed themselves by first trying out each step on their dolls. They can practice how to hold a spoon carefully to their doll’s mouth, how to use cups and mugs, and how to take food from bowls or plates, all without making a huge mess which can happen if they immediately try it on their own using real food.


Some children may be afraid of the water or simply uncomfortable when it comes to bath time. Letting them bathe their dolls will help get them used to being exposed to the water and practice various bathing activities such as gently scrubbing and washing off soap.


Dolls come with various accessories and interchangeable clothing, and they provide a great opportunity for kids still learning how to put on their clothes. They can begin by doing simple tasks such as putting hats on their doll’s head, then move on to more complicated ones such as buttoning shirts, zipping up pants, and putting on socks and shoes.

Children often treat their dolls as real friends. As buddies that can help them develop their feeding, bathing, and clothing skills, “toys as pals” doesn’t seem very far from the truth.


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