Building Relationships with Disabled Siblings

Having a brother or sister is the most valuable relationship a person could ever have. Siblings are considered the first social network that a child can access, which serves as a good foundation for personal growth.

Growing up with siblings that have disabilities, however, can be quite challenging for some. Fortunately, there are many effective techniques in dealing with the issue.

Parents should give the same amount of attention, time, and love to each of their children—in good shape or otherwise—to avoid unnecessary competition and antagonism. It‘s also important for parents to make the healthy children understand that their siblings have special needs and might require more attention and support. Moreover, the healthy ones should learn to appreciate the differences amongst themselves and be thankful for having each other around.

Having disabled siblings have its advantages such as opportunities for the development of positive qualities like compassion, loyalty, and empathy. The situation can also strengthen a child’s character when dealing with other people in terms of being able to get along, being sensitive to others, and understanding that each person is different.

Treating disabled children as normal persons would be the best way to interact with them. Although there are boundaries and limitations, these shouldn’t get in the way of nurturing loving relationships with them.


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