For Boys and Girls: Benefits of Playing with Dolls

Dolls are often considered as toys that are only meant for girls, however, children of both genders can actually benefit from having some fun playtime with dolls. This is because dolls can teach a lot to children, values and lessons that would greatly help them as they grow up. Here are some of them:

  • Learning about coordination. A lot of the games played with dolls are often about dressing up and playing pretend. Taking off and putting on clothes on a doll is an excellent method for young children to learn how to dress on their own. It teaches them proper sequencing and hones their fine motor skills. Moreover, feeding and interacting with dolls help children understand how people relate to each other, thereby supporting their social and cognitive development.

  • Develops speech and language skills. Interaction with dolls allow children to learn more about language and speech. They learn by naming body parts and labeling basic concepts of how they relate to the doll, like what clothes it wears and other items. Additionally, children can practice talking to dolls during play time.

  • Nurtures social skills. When you see children having tea parties with their dolls, you can be assured that they’re learning the skills they need to behave at the dinner table. Children like to reenact things happening around them with their dolls, and this teaches them ways on how to interact and communicate with others.


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