Why Little Boys Should Play with Dolls

Girls should play with dolls and boys should play with trucks. This belief is common enough that toy aisles in many stores are deeply segregated into items which are either for girls or for boys only. However, an increasing number of parents are letting their male children play with dolls as they realize the great benefits that the activity can impart on their growing man.

Dolls can help boys cultivate their nurturing side, which is often stifled due to gender stereotypes that discourage “feminine” tendencies in boys. Learning to take care of their dolls can translate into real-life situations such as watching out for their siblings and friends, or even being caring towards their pets and possessions.

Moreover, dolls inspire imagination and creativity in children. Play time turns into fantasy worlds with their companion dolls, and kids are given freedom to weave stories and go on pretend adventures which sharpens their critical and problem-solving skills. When other children are involved, it also encourages sharing and teamwork, both valuable traits that will help them socialize in a healthy manner.

Dolls manufactured with boys in mind may not be as common as ones crafted for girls, but more and more parents are discovering the advantages of letting their male offspring take their doll buddies during playtime, and it is also proving to be a definitely fun and smart move on their part.


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