Not Only For Girls: Dolls also Benefit boys

Long regarded as toys for girls, dolls made for male children can be hard to find. This can be exasperating for parents who want to expose their children to various toys for entertainment and education purposes, and may also impart negative connotations to boys about what they can’t and can play with.

Playing with dolls can be hugely beneficial when it comes to child development. Parents and guardians can use them to talk to kids about difficult issues such as sibling rivalry, illness, and other matters that children may not be able to deal with directly. Dolls can also be used as teaching tools when it comes to subjects such as caring for other people, sharing, and being gentle and careful when it comes to one’s possessions.

In addition, dolls also function as constant companions that can help children deal with emotional challenges in their day to day lives. A doll can help them express their feelings and provide an outlet for frustrating moments, thus giving them a healthy way to vent and work through their confusion.

Fortunately, more and more companies are responding to this need by creating 18-inch dolls which are not exclusively marketed to girls. This step forward not only expands fun times for boys, but also gives them exposure to more learning opportunities that will enhance their development and growth.


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