Working, and Enjoying What You Do

Each year, countless young minds graduate from school, ready to take on the world. The sad truth is that a vast number of these graduates can’t be altogether accommodated by the workforce due to the mismatch in supply and demand of jobs. Some employers are too picky when hiring, honoring only those with experience, while some job listings are just not fit for the pool of applicants. This dilemma affects both employers and applicants.

Most graduates already have the mindset that as soon as they’re ready to make a living, the only way to do it is to go from one company to another, resume in hand. Many overlook the idea of setting up their own business, mainly because it’s difficult to do and expensive, too.

What they don’t realize is the key to success in business is possessing all the right aspects of entrepreneurship, foremost of which is loving what you do. Doing great is connected to working with something that stirs your interest. Most successful names today started with something that they originally loved.

Loretta Boronat, founder of My Sibling® Dolls, for example, is a skilled seamstress. Her interest in supplying clothes for 18-inch dolls stemmed from this skill. Seeing the lack of doll clothes on the market gave her an idea to create a business of it. Incorporating her advocacy in autism awareness opened more doors for an even larger enterprise. Today, she is one of the lucky ones who work and genuinely enjoy what they do.


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