Facts about Play Therapy for Autism

Autism isn’t just a single condition—in fact, it can be one of five complex disorders of the brain that typically affects a person’s behavior, as well as his socio-communication skills. Many psychologists believe that an efficient way to handle autism among children is a process called “play therapy”.

What is it?

Play therapy is typically done to help emotionally troubled children express their emotions and live out their fantasies using toys such as dolls, with the help of a therapist’s guiding interpretations. Since children often find it difficult to listen to an adult explaining their condition without any other medium than words, playing is often a more effective alternative.

Social Disorder

One of the main problems plaguing autism sufferers is self-absorption, which in turn eats away at children’s capacity to take their first few steps into the social world. Instead of interacting with other children, they would rather keep to themselves at all times. This could eventually lead to more serious psychological and emotional trouble as they grow up.

Autism and Play

Play therapy, in turn, allows kids to stimulate their social nature by using toys and other things that they like. For instance, while a child plays with his doll, the therapist will find a way to obstruct or interfere with his enjoyment and evaluate what the child’s response will be.


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