For Autism, More Love Than Before

The search for a cure to any disorder is often an arduous path. Coping with a disorder with no known cure presents various challenges in itself.

Autism puts the family of the afflicted child to the ultimate test. It’s hard to picture it if you’re not at the receiving end of this disorder, but the challenges of coping with a special needs child (SNC) is all too real. Parents wish they could do something to take away their child’s suffering, but even medicine is generally helpless against this mysterious disorder.

A new study purports that a century-old drug used to cure African sleeping sickness can reverse the symptoms of autism in mice, though this assumption requires further testing. Assuming the findings do hold water, it would take years of research and development before the drug becomes viable for public use. For now, parents need to deal with autism the best way possible: with lots of love.

An SNC needs more support from friends and family compared to a healthy child. They must let the child know that they’re every step of the way, even if it means compromising certain things to make ends meet. They can show this by accommodating the child’s requests and providing helpful playthings such as 18-inch special dolls.


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