Today’s American Dolls are Not Mere Toys

The world has a long history with dolls. While dolls were primarily created to serve as children’s playthings, these days, they are more than mere toys. Girls no longer just play with dolls so they can pretend to have a fashion show, changing the dolls’ outfits and accessories by the minute – dolls have become so much more.

In the United States, there is clear evidence that dolls offer more benefits than just being kids’ companions during their playtime. For instance, there are dolls for girls that help them learn about iconic female figures in history. This way, girls find out more about their heritage and the role that they play within a community.

Dolls can be an instrument to help out a certain group of people or an organization. This is similar to what took place Valentine’s Day this year in San Diego, California, where doll collectibles were sold by a thrift shop owner. The proceeds of the doll sale went out to a program that aims to help the homeless.

Dolls can also be used to create awareness for a cause. Some stores sell dolls that come with booklets containing information about disabilities. These dolls, which come in both female and male forms, are great gifts for kids with siblings with disabilities. With the booklets, kids can understand the situation and perhaps learn how to empathize with their siblings.


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