Cleaning Up Your Kid’s Doll

Dolls, like other toys, deserve a lot of tender loving care. If you bought your child a couple of exquisite 18 inch dolls from a popular seller, that investment in your child’s happiness will be for naught if the toy is not properly maintained after many hours of play. Then again, you ought to know that cleaning an 18-inch doll takes some time and finesse.

You can start by temporarily removing all of the doll’s clothes and putting them on a clean surface. Run wet wipes or a moist towelette all over the doll’s body to get most of the dust and stains off. However, some stains may be tough to remove, hence using a wet cloth to gently rub over the stained area could be an effective solution. A soft-bristled toothbrush can be used to thoroughly clean the doll’s elbows, knees, and face. A second wash cloth that has been dampened and wrung of water can work in making the final wipes, after which you can leave the doll to dry.

The hair also warrants special attention. Prepare a bowl of water mixed with drops of baby or wig shampoo then dip the doll’s hair in it for a few minutes. Wash the mix off with cold water and lightly brush the hair.

Keeping your child’s doll neat and clean is sure to make your little one happy, not to mention that he or she will have a toy that is free from germs and other harmful microorganisms.


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