Siblings Can Form Bonds through Dolls

For many people, growing up with a sibling is something they’ll cherish for life. Having someone by their side as they make the transition from childhood to adulthood is one of life’s gifts. This is true even when these people spent most of their youth fighting their sibling over toys, room space, food, TV, and of course, their parents’ attention.

Kids who have siblings with disabilities, though, are likely to feel left out as their parents focus their attention to the ones with special needs. After all, the kids with disabilities need utmost parental care and attention. Still, parents wouldn’t want a gap to form between their kids, and there is no reason why these siblings shouldn’t have a normal bond like other siblings do.

Parents can have a heart-to-heart talk with their normal child and explain the situation to them. In a gentle manner, they can make their child understand that, despite the fact that they give him or her less attention than the child with special needs, it doesn’t mean the former is less valued in the family. Parents should also discourage teasing or ridiculing the child with special needs.

Parents should encourage playtime between the siblings so they can form a special bond. A good way to do so is by buying a set of American girl and boy dolls. With these dolls, siblings can learn to share with each other and act out their close relationship with their siblings through the dolls.


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