Keeping Dolls for Posterity

While dolls are normally associated for childhood play, some people collect dolls even as adults as a hobby. Some though go overboard with their doll collection. One reality TV show even devoted an episode to a woman’s clear obsession with dolls which she personally takes to stores for shoe fittings.

You yourself may have been fond of collecting dolls as a kid. However, growing up, you outgrew them and probably put them in storage. As you have invested so much in these dolls, you need to learn various strategies on protecting them for long-term storage.

Not quite Au Naturelle

Natural conditions are not quite forgiving on dolls, especially natural light. In that respect, never store them in shelves with direct exposure to windows, as the sunlight will make the dolls’ colors fade. The same applies for fluorescent light; some dolls have the tendency to turn green from excessive exposure but fare well in incandescent lights.

Out of Sight, Out of Light

It’s a mark of prudence to store your dolls in a closed cabinet. Be sure to first clean the entire hold and make sure there’s enough ventilation. If you are storing one doll in one plastic bag, the bag must have small holes to prevent moisture buildup. Strip the dolls of all clothes and accessories and store them in separate containers. Prepare rolls of acid-free tissue to wrap the dolls with in case the cabinet is made of wood. 


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