First Communion Gift

First Eucharist GiftSome people call it First Communion, some call it First Eucharist, but it’s still the same sacrament that will always be a special memory for Catholic boys and girls. My Pal for First Eucharist is a great buddy for any boy making this important sacrament of initiation and would make a great First Communion gift. Our 18” boy doll or plush toy can be the perfect religious gift for your loved one, to help him commemorate his First Communion Day and always keep it fresh in his mind. My Pal for First Eucharist comes with a booklet that has prayers for the First Communion recipient to read, and it also gives a prompt to help him to write his own story about his experiences preparing for and making the sacrament. To see all our choices of First Communion dolls and outfits, please visit our My Sibling and My Pal store.

My Pal for First Eucharist is a handsome 18” boy doll that comes dressed in a linen-like suit, a white shirt and tie, and white shoes and socks. The doll clothing is made in the USA. Our Work Experience Program makes My Pal for First Eucharist extra special, because he is dressed and accessorized by teens and adults with disabilities. Please read more about our program on our website. And remember these dolls for those First Eucharist gifts.


3 thoughts on “First Communion Gift

    • Dear Kathy,

      Yes, I do have My Pal for First Communion boy dolls who have “caucasian” skin color. One has brown hair/blue eyes and the other has blonde hair/blue eyes. Ironically, I just took their pictures down in my store last night, thinking no one would be interested in them until at least January. I am so glad you asked! I will post the pictures here and back up on my store asap. I have three suit colors: white, navy and gray. I only have white shoes, however. Thanks for your interest in My Pal dolls!

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