Honoring 09/11 with My Pal© for Peace dolls

Each month, LorettaRose, LLC showcases a Doll of the Month each from the My Pal© and My Sibling© collections.

This month, in honor of the 10th anniversary of September 11th, we are showcasing our My Pal for Peace boy and girl dolls.

Due to the importance of this solemn occasion, and the focus on peace, we are not featuring a My Sibling doll this month.

Both My Pal for Peace boy and girl dolls are beautiful 18” dolls with rooted brown hair, blue eyes and light skin, a soft body and poseable plastic head, arms and legs.

Each doll is accompanied by an 8-page booklet titled My Pal for Peace in which children can write about their thoughts on becoming a peacemaker.

They can read the lyrics to the song “Let There Be Peace on Earth” as an inspiration and prompt for thoughtful consideration of how one person can make a difference.

Dressed in soothing blue and white-colored peace-print clothes with denim sandals, these dolls are the perfect companion to children as they learn about tolerance, patience and compassion.

The clothes and the booklets that come with the dolls are all made in the USA. Our dolls are dressed and accessorized by teens and adults with disabilities.

Through September, both the My Pal for Peace boy doll and My Pal for Peace girl doll will be available at 20% off.

Also, don’t forget to check out the super-cute My Pal for Peace plush toy.

A snugly white teddy bear, the My Pal for Peace plush toy comes with the blue and white peace sign and the My Pal for Peace booklet. At just $15, this plush bear is perfect for kids who like to snuggle up with a plush toy at naptime or during story hour.

Teaching kids about being peaceful and compassionate doesn’t have to be a preachy affair.

 Toys, like those in our My Pal collection, and books, like our kids’ booklets on peace, make learning about peaceful living fun, interesting and child-friendly!

So, go ahead, visit our store to get My Pal for Peace dolls at a special low price!

Post written by Prerna Malik, our blog and social media manager. Join the My Pal and My Sibling Dolls community on Twitter and Facebook.


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