Dressing Up Dolls: Launching Fun Clothes to Dress an 18” Boy or Girl Doll

The My Pal and My Sibling Dolls store has been abuzz with activity lately. If you haven’t had the chance to stop by and check out what we’ve been up to, here are 2 good reasons to do so NOW:

1. We’ve launched an adorable range of My Pal Plush Toys, complete with a booklet for different reasons and seasons. So, you have My Pal Plush for Going Green who is a super-cute frog or a brand-new entrant, My Pal Plush for Birthday, a darling teddy bear, complete with a birthday cake! Best part, they’re all super affordable. Starting at $8 only! I’ll do a detailed post about them real soon.

2. Clothes and more clothes! Yes, this post is all about the 2nd thing that we’re SO excited about. A whole range of boy and doll girl clothes for your My Pal and My Sibling Dolls.

Doll Clothes as Real as Your Own Clothes

What makes the My Pal and My Sibling range of doll clothes unique and special is that they’re not fancy-schmancy. They’re regular, smart, comfy clothes. A lot like the clothes your kids would wear. They’re in keeping with our belief that real kids should have real dolls.

Affordable Clothes for Dress Up Fun

We know that dressing up boy and girl dolls can make a child’s day! After all, which child wouldn’t enjoy changing their dolls’ clothes when they change their own? So, we’ve kept our range of dolls’ clothing really affordable with a two-piece outfit costing just $15 while PJs are only $12.

Encourage Kids to Be Role Models

You’d be surprised but kids can be so much easier to get dressed in the morning, if you tell them that they can dress up their “kids” when they come back from school. I’ve tried this with my toddler and it works like a charm. Plus, you can also use dressing up dolls to reinforce good habits, like changing into night clothes at bedtime and play clothes for going to the park.

Here’s what we currently have in the store and we’re ALWAYS adding new stuff, so do drop by often:

Khaki Pants Outfit (featured above)

Khaki Shorts Outfit



Sweat Suit


What doll clothes would you like to see us offer? Looking for a special outfit for your child’s 18” doll? Do let us know! We’d be happy to create it for you

Post written by Prerna Malik aka The Mom Writes , our blog and social media manager. Follow us on Twitter and connect with us on Facebook .


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