A Love of Sports: Fun Ways to Encourage Kids to Play Sports and Outdoor Play

This month, we are promoting the My Pal for Tennis dolls and so, it is only natural that we talk sporty! With the Wimbeldon just over and the US Open close at hand, tennis is on our minds all of July. Here are some  simple ways to encourage kids to switch off the television, get outdoors and have fun, the natural way!

Play with the Kids

One of the easiest and surest ways to get kids to play outdoors instead of lounging around the house, watching television, is to get outdoors yourself. Round up the kids, take a basketball or a tennis racquet and hit the courts for friendly matches with the children. In fact, rope in a few friends or relatives with kids and you can have kiddie-adult matches too!

Make Staying Outdoors Interesting

Sometimes, you need to make the outdoors more interesting and child-oriented. Think, picnics, Nature walks, camping or mountain biking and you’ll see how kids would want to drop everything they’re doing and explore the outdoors. Don’t make it a must-do. Instead, involve the kids in planning outdoor or sports activities that they {and not you} would enjoy the most and then, go along with that.

Have a Family Sports Day

With the summer holidays, chances are you have family visits planned for the season. Pick a day and organize a super fun Sports Day. Organize activities like races, jumps or even, gymnastics and round it off with an awards ceremony and good food. A great way to spend the day and introduce the kids to a variety of sporty fun.

Read About Sports

As a book-lovin’ mama, I can’t help but reach for a book or two to teach my toddler about having fun outdoors. Rainy days, sick days and days when the sun is too hot to venture out are all perfect for reading about outdoor fun. Some good picks include

Toys That Encourage Outdoor Play

Finally, a fun and practical way of encouraging a child to get outdoors, play a sport or enjoy exercise is to get them a toy that tells them to do all of that. Our My Pal dolls for Tennis and Baseball are great picks and come with booklets to inspire and empower kids to make the choice to stay healthy and dump the television for the exciting outdoors.

Sweetening the deal for you is a cool 20% off on our My Pal Dolls for Tennis all of July! Check out these lovely 18” boy and girl dolls dressed in tennis outfits, with little racquets and a lovely booklet too!

Post written by Prerna Malik aka The Mom Writes, our blog and social media manager. Follow us on Twitter and connect with us on Facebook.


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