Best Books to Celebrate a Child’s 1st Eucharist

The day your child takes his 1st Holy Communion is indeed a special and blessed one. You can help prepare your child and also, let him record his memories of this special day with some of these great children’s books for the first Eucharist.

Child’s Guide to First Holy Communion by Elizabeth Ficocelli

This delightful book for children aged 5-9 is filled with charming illustrations and easy-to-read and understand information on receiving the Sacrament for the 1st time. Filled with interactive questions and is simple yet informative and creative as it tells the story of Justin who is preparing for his 1st Communion.

Come to Jesus! A Kids’ Book for Eucharistic Adoration by Anne Flanagan

This book helps children to reach out to Jesus in Eucharistic adoration and is filled with prayers, stories and notes for adults as well. It also offers a section of basic Catholic prayers, information on praying the Rosary and has a child-friendly design with plenty of illustrations.

Jesus, The Bread We Are Fed by Unity in Truth

This book is unique and different from the others since it is a read and draw book that has rhyming text to engage young readers easily. The book provides simple, easy-to-understand information about the Eucharist in a child-friendly fashion.

Today I Made My First Communion by Dianne Ahern

A book for children aged 9-12, Today I Made My First Communion is a wonderful reference and storybook that also, has the sentimental value of being a memory-keeper. The story unfolds as Father Hugo takes a pair of inquisitive second-graders on a “whodunit” tour to understand the history of the Eucharist. The reference section included information on the elements of the Sacrament and also, includes need-to-know information for First Communicants. Finally, the last section of the book has space for children to record their own special memories of the day.

Have you bought a special book for your child’s First Communion?

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Post written by Prerna Malik aka The Mom Writes, our blog and social media manager. Follow us on Twitter and connect with us on Facebook.


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