Celebrate Earth Day with Green and Eco-friendly Toys for Kids

With Earth Day around the corner, it’s only natural that we’d want to talk about toys that aren’t only fun but also eco-friendly and safe for both your children and the planet. Here are some great toys that are green and organic, while being super-fun too.

Battery-Free Toys are Green and Eco-friendly

Battery-free toys such as cars and trucks, blocks and other playthings that encourage pretend and outdoor play are perfect for a child’s toy cabinet. However, make sure that everything that you buy is free of lead, arsenic and other toxic chemicals often used in cheap (and sometimes, expensive brand-name) children’s toys. Sprig Toys is a great choice if you’re looking for battery-free toys made from recycled plastic and reclaimed wood.

Organic Plush Toys are Perfect for Babies and Toddlers

Every child loves a plush toy to snuggle up to and carry around. If that toy is made from organic cotton, is free of toxins and is super-cute too, wouldn’t you just love it. Well, companies like Dandelion for Baby, Rich Frog and miYim: Simply Organic have a collection of plush toys that both your baby and you would absolutely love. Dandelion for Baby even has some really cute hand-crocheted toys for your little one.miYim for that matter, even has a Dr. Seuss and a Simply Fido, organic pet toy collection.

Wooden Toys Make Great Green Playthings

Choose toys made from wood from FSC-certified forests or sustainable forests to add a dash of green playtime to your child’s life. You can choose from pretend food to musical instruments to cars and teethers for baby.  Check out some great wooden toys from Melissa and Doug Little Sapling Toys and Sassafras.
Finally, if you want to encourage your child to live a green and planet-friendly life, check out our My Pal dolls for Going Green. Both 18” boy and girl dolls are the perfect gift for any child who wants to live a more environmentally aware life. They come with booklets that explain green living to a child, carry bags made from recycled paper or cloth and wear clothes that are also, made from recycled materials. Best part, we’re honouring Earth Day and giving you a 20% discount on these adorable dolls for Going Green.

Post written by Prerna Malik aka The Mom Writes, our blog and social media manager. Follow us on Twitter and connect with us on Facebook.


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