Earth Day 2011: Fun Ways to Go Green with Children

This April, we will be celebrating a greener planet with Earth Day. However, why should we just celebrate the planet on one day? Here are some fun ways to encourage green and eco-friendly living in kids all through the year.

Go for a Nature Walk regularly

Encourage kids to learn about Nature and its beauties by going for regular Nature Walks. Pick flowers, leaves and twigs. Come home and use them to make some green crafts or simply press them and use them to decorate cards and stationery.

Go Green at Home

Start small and start at home. Make turning unnecessary lights and appliances off mandatory. Use cloth instead of paper to clean and dust. Make recycling a fun game by keeping different colored boxes for glass, cans and paper. Walk instead of driving. Invest in bicycles and go cycling with the kids. Make lunches at home and use reusable lunchboxes to pack them in.

Eco-friendly Reading Material

Read books that inspire kids to live green, teach them how to make a positive change and are fun as well. Some good children’s books on green living include 365 Ways to Live Green by Sheri Amsel,  Easy to be Green: Simple Activities You Can Do to Save the Earth by Ellie O’Ryan and The Everything Kids’ Environment Book by Sheri Amsel . Books like these will make green living not just something the kids have to do but something they’ll want to do.

Green and Eco-friendly Activities

Kids can learn more about the environment as well as what affects it positively and negatively with  fun activities such as drawing, coloring, crafts as well as by making environmentally aware choices for school supplies and more. Several sites such as Green Schools Initiative  have tons of fun stuff  and resources for both parents and  kids to do and use as they learn about the environment and about helping the Earth.

Simple and fun ways are the best way to encourage children to be more aware of how their actions and behaviour impact the planet. Start by setting the right example yourself, introduce kids to green activities, make eco-friendly reading material a part of your library and children are bound to love living green this Earth Day and all year through.

This month, we are celebrating both Autism Awareness Month and Earth Day. So, we have not one but two Dolls of the Month. If you want to inspire your kids to be more eco-friendly, My Pal boy and girl dolls for Going Green  are for you! Check them out at our site and stay tuned for an exciting giveaway at the end of the month!


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