Five Ways to Celebrate Autism Awareness Every Day

The world will be celebrating Autism Awareness Month all through April and Autism Awareness Day on April 2nd.  However, isn’t it only right to celebrate being aware of the needs of people with autism, every single day?

Here are 5 simple ways to celebrate autism awareness everyday.

 1.  Get Involved with an Autism Organization

 There are several organizations that work to spread awareness about autism on a daily basis. Autism Society of America  and The Daniel Jordan Fiddle  Foundation are a few such organizations. You can get involved with them, either by volunteering, participating in fundraising activities or by donating a small amount to help their efforts. Volunteering is a great way to spend your time and do some good as well. Get in touch with the relevant organization and find out about their volunteer programs.

 2. Connect with an Individual or Family Affected by Autism

 It is very easy to get caught up in the busyness of our lives, but if we just stop to pause a bit, we would realize that others can benefit so much from just a helping hand or a kind word or two. Look around your neighborhood, community center or church to find a family who may have a child or adult with autism. Reach out to them. Offer to babysit while the parents can get a dinner out, read to an older child or simply, stop by to chat. It doesn’t cost anything but the value is, indeed, great.

 3. Spread Awareness About Autism

You can also do your bit by spreading awareness about autism in the community and neighborhood. Donate books about autism to the local library or school, or make an autism awareness display. Participate in an event on autism, such as a local walk for autism or organize your own event to increase awareness.  You can make items with puzzle print ribbon or puzzle pieces, the symbolism that has grown to be recognized as representing the quest to solve the “puzzle” of autism.

4. Buy Products Made by People with Autism

 Support and spread awareness about autism by supporting businesses and products that engage and encourage adults with autism. On that note, did you know that My Pal and My Sibling dolls are assembled and packaged by teens and adults with developmental disabilities?

 5. Encourage Kids to be Aware About Autism

 Starting young is the best way to start. Children are naturally compassionate and if you, as a parent, encourage them and teach them about being sensitive to those with disabilities, you will be raising a generation of kind-hearted adults. Read to them books that are age-appropriate and autism-themed. Take them for fundraising activities or Autism walks. Check out our My Sibling® and My Pal® dolls  which are a great way to introduce children to autism awareness. 

 So, how would you be celebrating Autism Awareness Month this year?

  Post written by Prerna Malik aka The Mom Writes, our blog and social media manager. Follow us on Twitter and connect with us on Facebook.

 Stay tuned for our amazing giveaway on March 30th, to celebrate our Doll of the Month!


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