Introducing My Sibling Dolls Plus A Special Offer on Our Doll of the Month!!

If you’re a parent who wants their child’s playthings to be meaningful and reflect your family’s values and beliefs, our collection of My Sibling Dolls is bound to win your heart as

Doll of the Month!

well as your child’s. 

 The My Sibling Dolls are a range of dolls that each have a sibling with a developmental disability. Each doll comes with a sweet little real-life story and resources so that your child can learn about that disability and be a more compassionate and aware little one.

 We are constantly adding more to our collection, so stay tuned!

 My Sibling® Andy is a darling little boy who has a younger brother, Michael who has autism. Andy is dressed in a two tone blue t-shirt, jeans and wears an autism awareness bracelet. Andy comes with an 8-page story booklet, Andy’s Terribly Funny Waterfall.

My Sibling® Tommy  is a sweet 7-year old who has a younger brother, Ronny who has Down’s Syndrome. Tommy is dressed in a navy blue long-sleeved t-shirt with a matching baseball hat and jeans. Tommy’s 8-page story booklet, titled Tommy’s Curious Kid Brother will help a child understand Down’s Syndrome in an engaging yet compassion-filled manner.

 You can also meet My Sibling ® dolls Matty, April, Mae and finally, Victoria – who is our Doll of the Month for March!

 The Doll of the Month is a special doll for each month representing the theme for this month – Autism Awareness.

Victoria, is a beautiful 18” girl doll with long blonde hair and lovely blue eyes. She is wearing denim dress with red/white gingham trim, matching denim headband with puzzle print bow, an autism puzzle print ribbon bracelet, panties, white socks and white Mary Jane shoes and comes with an 8- page story booklet She  has a twin sister, Faith who has Autism.

 Victoria is our darling Doll of the Month, available at a special price of $40 all through March! We do hope you’ll take her home!



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